Terms & conditions


These booking terms and conditions automatically apply to all the offers presented by the Kataleisure company, particularly on its website www.catamaran-croisiere-thailande.com
All the bookings imply the Customer’s unconditional adherence to these terms and conditions.
The Customer hereby agrees that Kataleisure has given the complete information regarding the main aspects of the boat and the expected sailing experience.

2/ Booking validation

2.1. Payment

Your booking is subject to availability at the time of booking and when payment is confirmed, your booking is valid.
Kataleisure receives payments by bank transfers, to guarantee secure payments and to keep your personal and banking information private during your booking.
Your account will be debited and money will be transferred to the Kataleisure company.
Please note that the information used by Kataleisure serve only the booking purpose. The banking information is only used for booking and billing. We do not sell clients files or private information. We may keep your personal information to establish our own database in order to improve our service. You can of course choose to remove your information from our database at anytime with an email.

2.2. Cancellation terms

Cancellation by Kataleisure
In instances where, following damage caused by the previous lease or any impediment beyond his or her control, Kataleisure may choose not to transfer possession of the boat on the agreed date. The company will have the possibility either to present the Customer with a boat of equal or greater size and with the same number of berths, or return the money paid by the Customer without the latter being able to claim damages. This refund will be proportional to the number of days corresponding to the loss of use.
If appropriate, in the case of Customer refusal to comply with Kataleisure rental terms and conditions, the company can terminate the contract at the fault of the Customer, the Customer not being able to claim any damages.
Cancellation by the Customer
The period that has been entered into this agreement may only be changed with the consent of Kataleisure and within his capabilities.
Failure to meet payment deadlines, non-compliance with commitments made under the general conditions of rent or breach of contract for any reason whatsoever by the Customer will result in contract termination, the deposits and the balance will remain with Kataleisure.
Once the boat is provided in accordance with the contract, the rental amount will be forfeited, even if the Customer has not used the boat during the rental period, whatever the reason.
Cancellation terms
Cancellation more than 60 days prior to departure: Refund of your payment but not the application fees: 70€ per application.
Cancellation more than 30 days prior to departure : Refund 25 % of deposit but not of the application fee.
Cancellation less than 30 days prior to departure : No refund.
No refund in case of flight delay, mechanical problems, bad weather, sickness, accident, strikes, war, criminal acts, terrorist attacks, natural disaster, quarantine, changes in government policy concerning visas, and hence out of Kataleisure’s responsibility.


The Customer will be able to come onboard after the total payment of the booking. Kataleisure and the Customer go together through the inventory and check the global condition of the boat. The Customer has to point out and write down, before leaving with the boat, every visible defect. If he doesn’t, it will be considered that Kataleisure company will have delivered the boat as described initially.
The boat will then be available for the Customer who will have stated a good sailing condition, required instruments, documents and sailing materials and the boat’s safety instructions.
The signature of transfer implies that the customer recognizes the boat is in good condition and clean, with the exception of hidden defects.
Kataleisure’s advice regarding sailing areas and weather is given for information only and will not engage Kataleisure’s responsibility.
He or she commits to using the boat with due diligence and respect. The customer will pay any damage to the boat or equipment when he returns.
The Customer agrees not to board more than the number of people allowed.
Pets are not allowed on board the rented boat
In case of loss or serious damage (dismast, leak, fire, etc.) the Customer shall urgently notify Kataleisure and the insurance broker and ask for instructions. Pending these instructions, the customer will be required to establish a report from a damage appraiser in order to obtain reimbursement from the insurance company of the amount assigned. If the lessee does not accomplish this step, he or she could be required to pay all expenses incurred by the damage. Deprivation of use resulting from damage that occurs during the rental period of said lease will not be refunded, even partially, regardless of the cause of the damage, unless the damage is in no way attributable to the Customer. In this case, a penalty of an amount equivalent to 48 hours of rental will still apply.
Illegal products are strictly forbidden.

4/Return of the boat

The Client must return the boat and its equipment in good, clean, working condition.
If damage to or loss of the boat or any accessory in the inventory is established, the client shall pay for its perfect repair or replacement.
Kataleisure may claim the client responsible for payment of all expenses incurred if the boat was intentionally damaged or neglected, unless the expenses are covered by the insurance.
Kataleisure is not responsible for the loss or damage caused to the objects belonging to the customer in any manner whatsoever.


All the tourists traveling to Thailand are covered by insurance, mandatory for all professionals in Tourism.
Kataleisure has also subscribed to an international insurance.
Special Needs
It is up to passengers requiring assistance or having special needs (including cases of respiratory failure, disability or reduced mobility) to notify Sail On by email of such needs upon reservation, in any case, within two working days of departure, so that the necessary measures for meeting these special needs be implemented in accordance with proper organisation, allocation and onboard services.
In the absence of said information, Kataleisure will legitimately assume that the passenger has no special needs.
Kataleisure will have the right to ask the Clients to wear their life-jacket. It will be mandatory for children under 12, who will remain under their parents responsibility.
The parties expressly agree to attempt to amicably resolve any dispute that may cause conflict between them. In the case of failure to reach an amicable agreement, the parties agree to submit any dispute to the competent courts of the country in which the sailing took place.